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Posted on Monday, 21 April 2014

i love you
to say it itself, 
is trite
picture anyway, 
hardly bright

years of togetherness, memories’ lane,
usual tiff, everything down the drain
phone-call, electricity-bill, welcome-mat,
a bit of this, a bit of that

ready to pick up fight
busy to set it right, 
 issues my foot, 
devil may contrite

dogs put to shame
favorite sport, blame game!


hasn’t life changed?
daedalean, deranged!

hazy hues, devil’s dues,
stuff like that, monsoon blues!

not actually!

in some corner of house, 
once in a while
we still croon along, 
as we silently smile

not that we always understand, 
crossing the street, 
we quietly pickup the hand

finishing the argument, 
as we close the gate
we hardly say much, 
but ‘hug’ takes the cake

touch is quiet, silent are ways
rituals are less, worship is grace

it’s not perfect,
but it never was!
life; not the same,
but it never was!
amid all the tiff,
love still lingers!
it’s not vocal,
yet, in its fickle ways ,
It’s not a fairytale story,
yet, my friend,
everything is hunky-dory!

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” 

                                               ― Marilyn Monroe

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Posted on Saturday, 21 December 2013

locked my house,
hoping to secure my kin
peace i found,
lay in distributing the key

crawled every book,
hoping to capture the knowledge
wisdom i found,
evaded the syllabus of university

conflicted with peers,
hoping to establish notion of liberty
independence i found,
emanated from the ability to agree

accumulated wealth,
hoping to help the unprivileged
charity i found,
invariably comes without a fee

worshiped perfection,
hoping to build a legacy
change i found,
never did care for pedigree

roamed across the world,
hoping to understand life
only meaning i found,
was more about me

swam up the current,
hoping to catch the wave
the river i found,
was running into the sea

climbed higher and higher,
hoping to pluck the best fruit
the solace i found,
was resting under the tree

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
                                        - Aristotle
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Posted on Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It is an absolute pleasure for me, making the announcement that my debut novel, ''The Devil's Gate: An Impossible Journey'' is available now. I am very excited about the project since I believe it has an engaging and true to heart story at it core, and therefore, I am really looking forward to get a feedback from all of you.

It is published by Leadstart Publishing, one of the leading publishers in the country. Leadstart Publishing has been termed ‘the fastest-growing book publishing company in India today,’ by The Week magazine. Leadstart Publishing has 9 imprints and publishes over 200 titles a year in all major book categories. Leadstart also has India’s largest book distribution network, with a retail distribution spread of over 100 cities, almost four times the size of its closest competitor.


Plundered by humans of their habitats, animals take a drastic step when they decide to send a team to an invisible island. The island becomes visible only for a short time on the night of the full moon. Legend has it that the island is inhabited by the demons. Animals wanted to negotiate a deal with the demons, convincing them to allow the animals inhabit the island. Majority of the animal community believe that tinkering with the other world could bring their wrath to the animals. The team is sent to the island nevertheless.

But can a deal with the dead be materialized? Are there really demons on the island? Is there any conspiracy involved? Will animals be able to negotiate, or will survival remain their only question in the deadly island?

Trailer of ''The Devil's Gate: An Impossible Journey'':

Please take time to share and like.

Book is available on following online stores:









I am really looking forward to get in touch with all of you, and know your valuable thoughts about the story. I am sure you will like it. Please feel free to get in touch through this blog, or you can also contact me on following platforms:

E-mail: deepakkripal@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deepak.kripal

Happy Reading. 

Warm Regards,

Deepak Kripal

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Posted on Thursday, 26 September 2013

sitting west,
stately look
cuddling tress,
turning book

lipstick red,
radiant cheek
my signal strong,
feedback weak

careful prod,
eyeline shunting
bag of tricks,
happy hunting

she looks right,
she looks left
i look center,
classic neglect

thumping heart,
runaway train
clueless mind,
clogged drain

shouting earth,
heavens laughing
pity on me,
she's not watching

fortune's imbalance
girl's nonchalance
life is stuck
hell with luck


hell broke,
cupid woke
she just saw,
newton's law

romantic terror,
tragedy of error
unperturbed she,
i am all over

cloudless rain,
pollen grain
official statement,
i am insane

sanity froze,
lethal dose
bug bit,
love, shit..!

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Posted on Thursday, 12 September 2013

i wander,
in the kingdom of glory
it's not who i am
that's not simply my story

city of skyscrapers,
maze of alley
i don't belong here,
it's a transformed valley

my clothes are dirty,
shredded and torn
evades my memory,
the reason i was born 

don't touch my body,
it's charry and profane
you can call me poor,
i don't remember my name

don't hurt me sir,
please don't push me through
hunger brought me here,
i didn't appear out of blue

indebtedness squished my labour,
mercenaries own my hoe
i cite mercy,
they quote quid pro quo

pardon my lord,
i didn't mean to intrude
starving squeals of my wife,
set me running for the food

my platter is empty,
just came here to glean
somewhere along the way,
i lost my self-esteem

pestled by fangs of misery,
wanted to die with honour
but poor world is round,
doesn't have that bloody corner

i yelled at god,
even made some foray
night cruised without an answer,
so went the day

on the edge of civilization,
standing on a slippery slope
now i look at you,
holding my meandering hope

don't let me fall,
my children will follow
sans my inclusion,
thy growth remains hollow

you have the power,
please become my fist
don't await my destiny,
it doesn't even exist

give me a chance to thrive,
then leave me on my own
feed me before you profess,
you can't teach a hungry bone

embrace me like a human,
i am no obsolete machine
if you water me today,
the grass will be green

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.        

                                    - Mother Teresa

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Posted on Wednesday, 11 September 2013

ho na ho kuch to hua hoga,
yun hi nahi tera khayal aaya hoga
koi mere yaar se poochhe,
shayad usne deepak hi jalaya hoga
kahani maine likhi nahi,
par dil ke sabse kareeb hai
logon ne kabhi suni nahi,
meri khamoshi bhi ajeeb hai

na raja tha,
na rani thi
baste mein bachpan,
chaukhat pe jaani thi
main aur mera yaar,
itni si kahani thi

jo dil se use maana,
sohbat yaar ki mili
logon ne nahi jana,
aur tohmat pyar ki mili

darr logon ka nahi,
parwah use khone ki thi
maujon se jaa takraya jo,
uss ret ke gharaunde ki thi

samandar loot gaya,
gharaunda mera toot gaya
nazuk tha maati sa,
jhonke se phoot gaya 

mukaddar ki saazish thi,
use rok bhi paate kaise
khwahishon ki laash pe,
par hum muskurate kaise

dil ke bikhre panno ko,
shayad hum sanjo bhi lete
jo bheed na hoti itni,
shayad hum ro bhi lete

laachar kalam ko,
 syahi mein dubote kaise
besudh tha kaagaz,
use ashqon mein dhote kaise

uss manzar se yun to,
saham hum ab bhi jaate hain
par aankhein jab band karte hain,
gharaunda dil mein paate hain

waqt ki ret pe aksar,
lehar aati hai,
lehar jaati hai
tu kal bhi mera saathi tha,
tu ab bhi mera saathi hai

True friends, are forever...

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Posted on Friday, 30 August 2013

it's like yesterday..
i met myself in most beautiful way..
it was you..
conspicuous charm pervaded your esoteric sojourn..
love at first sight, no it was not..
brushed us slowly, as tide erode the clay..
destined to be together..
we fell in love..
paradise opened its gates..
and we were heavenly inmates..

lots of water has since flown..
dreams of sand wind has blown..
murky shadows exasperate our bond..
pain effuse and trickles through gaping wounds..
forlorn hums turned to unrelenting grievous groans..
we failed to feel their lazy leaden undertones..
hollow quietness wails for a heedful ear..
its meek quavering sigh unravels our fear..
everything is gone!
no love! no faith!

that's not true..
utter lie out of blue..
flame still burns somewhere inside..
yes it does..
it's not a false presumptuous hope..
failing to halt time's steep descending slope..
it has regressed to the core..
but its there, somewhere..
lurking in the dark..
waiting to reignite the spark..
its there..

let us wake up from this long dreamless slumber..
realign our sights to penetrate the hazy veil..
let us leave the quod and move where open skies are..
to liberate ourselves from rigid encapsulating bar..
let us make a dream filled with monsoon rain..
let us fall in love all over again..

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Posted on Saturday, 24 August 2013

my story is ordinary..
with its share of gloom and melancholy..

I crumble under pressure on occasions..
but i have learned to revolt with time..

I have feared things, big and small..
I still do, but its okay overall..

my destiny still hangs in balance..
but I live with it, often with a smile..

I have seen defeats, some with awe and despair..
but they never overwhelmed me enough to stop doing what i endear..

I have found myself shattered and broken at times..
but I never let those moments to see the morning sunrise..

my faith has shaken, trembling now and then..
but i never yelled at God, for I have faith in his acumen..

my partner complaints that I do certain things wrong..
but I am still her hero, I still feature in her song..

there have been times, I have been put in a hole..
but it never kept me away from the sight of my goal..

I have been uncertain, doubts have played their part..
I still ponder over things but I have become a little smart..

chaos and darkness surround me sometimes..
but I have learned to wait till the light is burning bright..

I am not perfect, I blunder here and there..
but I strive to endure no matter how I fare..

for I am an ordinary man..
and my story is ordinary!!

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