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Posted on Wednesday, 23 May 2018

kash dua mein itni barkat ho jaye
chahton ka meri dum ghut jaye
dil bhi ho jaye tera kadardaan utna hi
jitna tu meri chahton ki kadar kar paye

Richa Shrivastav
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Posted on Tuesday, 22 May 2018

qurbat mein unke hum shayar nahi they ae saahib,
mohabbat ne unki humein qaatib bana diya
yun nahi humein ulfat-e-qatl ka andaza nahi,
qatl hoke uske mansoobo ko bus munasib bana diya

Richa Shrivastav
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Posted on Wednesday, 9 May 2018

dil aaj fir chaaku ki dhaar par hai,
lahu hai, par qaatil ke udhaar par hai

Deepak Kripal
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Posted on Tuesday, 8 May 2018

main to apne hisse ke udhde khwaab bun rahi thi,
sath mere chand ne fir raat bhar suljhaaye dhaage

Hina Malik
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aashiqui nahi itni ki intezar karein marne talaq,
tera wajood hai, bus itna veham kafi hai
tu parwah na kare shiddat se, to naa sahi
tu bekhabar hai mujhse, bus itna sitam kafi hai

Richa Shrivastav
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Posted on Sunday, 6 May 2018

i was not the one to cry on weakness
i was not the one, rude on known faces
i was not the one who was harsh and abrupt
i was not the one to leave the place i loved
it was you, the situation
i was the one who struggled to survive
who kept on finding what was right
things are still puzzled, to my surprise
but dear difficulty, 
i am not your summer bride
you still wonder how i continue to thrive
well, you won the game with a wrong drive!

A poem by Richa Shrivastav
Richa fought and won her duel with Schizophrenia. Dear Richa, you are an inspiration to many. Thrive, girl!

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Posted on Monday, 30 April 2018

you, the constant star beyond the sky
i know you are madly in love with me
you put me in trouble,
only to save from another
an experience inexplicable
a little salt in the table
i learned the lesson u wanted me to
you, the weirdest teacher 
i thank you

you darling out there,
may be your ways could have been better
but you knew that was the only way ever
now, when your class is over
as i sail in the sea, sitting alone
somewhere i know, you will take a stand
holding my hand, you will put me on land
i got you, the constant gazer
you, holding that smile naughtiest ever
i thank you

Richa Shrivastav

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Posted on Friday, 27 April 2018

shabd hain uljhe mere,
tu inko kayde de de
chal aaj phir khwabon me aa,
tu mujhko shayari de de

- Richa Srivastav
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