Posted on Sunday, 16 July 2017

        It was one of those usual mornings for me, a cup of tea and news shuffling on TV. One said about Dadri Masjid case, the demolition of Babri mosque in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. I would rather call it demolition of humanity that caused the death of at least 2000 people, and what for, in the name of religion. These things are beyond my understanding. Religions are to serve humanity, but sadly humanity is getting away serving religions or some hidden political motive, I dare say! 

Any way, my day started with a provoking thought. Being in a government job and posted in a remote hill area, I didn’t have many options for entertainment or any company to hang out with. I lead a monotonous routine every day. Though I loved the company of interesting people, like one of my subordinate staff in the office. He was about to retire in two years. He would tell me stories about places he worked before, people he worked with, and many other things. He looked much older for his age.  He would say atrocities of life that he had faced all through which made him looked older. He was short, stoop, fair complexioned with a peculiar expression on his face all the time, which I figured out, was a blend of curiousness, chronic sadness, absolute emptiness and begging to come out mischievousness sometimes. Adding more to his much older look was his attire, loose straight trousers, khakhi shirt, Nehru jacket, aam aadmi cap, big round glasses and a laathi in hand, that he used as a support while walking. 

So, like every day, we were having some random conversation. He would call me Saabji. I was addressed this way or Sir sometimes in hills. I assumed people would have seen only male officers before. Suddenly he mentioned what’s been in the news, Babri masjid kaand, with an utter innocence; considering I am his senior he asked, “Saabji, jo hinduon ne kiya masjid gira ke kya sahi kiya?” I was intrigued by his question, as he was a hindu himself. I expected him to have different opinion like others of his like. He was waiting for my answer. It took me some time to recollect my thoughts on that and I replied, no, it was wrong. They shouldn’t have done that. He agreed saying, “galat kiya saab bahut galat kiya, agar maszid nahi todte toh waha kya banna chahiye ye mamla hi khatam ho jata. kya fark padta hai masjid bane ya mandir”. How simply he rooted the problem out. I told him people involved in such deeds do not belong to any religion. Such incidents are always politically driven. He nodded with the same peculiar expression which probably suggested his ignorance related to politic nuances, not a bad thing I wondered! 

There is one thing common among common people, they believe in what they are made to see.  But he was different!       

                       Someday you get to learn something extremely beautiful having a conversation with probably not the best of mind but a pure heart. That day I returned home with a firm belief on humanity. That hatred has still not completely taken over our minds.    

                       A memoir by Sudha Kripal
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Posted on Saturday, 15 July 2017

Two kind of mindsets:

Problems in your head are 
closer than they appear.

problems in your head 
appear closer than they are.

- Sudha Kripal
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Posted on Wednesday, 12 July 2017

raees ki mehfil mein fir se kal eemaan bika,
suna fir kisi gareeb ke ghar ka deewan bika
kal fir se soya chhat pe nangi peeth wo,
kal fir se usko khwaab mein bhagwaan dikha..!
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Posted on Sunday, 18 June 2017

office to home
living same life everyday
made me realize your importance
dear phone!

when in deep melancholy
from an utterly boring monotony’
i cried out for help
i found no one but you
two world i twirled into
real was too real to handle
i switched to virtual
i found friends there
in hundreds now i have
they confided with me every detail
oh believe me
i could tell who is eating what
facebook it called!!

you are a magic box
i can’t take my eyes off you
until they burn bad
you are like drug addiction
i feel helpless without you

and before i could understand
i welcomed myself into a world of loners
they were all like me
staring at you every single minute
the insta people
the twitterati
craving for more hits on like
more people to connect
hoping that would change the world
my belief on disbelieving real actions
grew stronger
my mind stuck to what went viral

and now
i can’t differentiate between real and virtual
 i am hallucinating
you are eating my mind
controlling my life
wish i could dump you
but you know all my secrets
you play programmed art well
modern world’s smart hell!

A poem by Sudha Kripal
Blog - Sudha Kripal Photography

''The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free.''
                 - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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Posted on Wednesday, 4 January 2017

droplets of hope,
languished, stoked
numb and narrow,
soaked in sorrow
slippery cheeks,
crestfallen creeks

dire straits,
deadly debates
residue of life,
poisonous fates
once my partner,
since, closed gates!

Oh God!

predicament grave,
souls to save
what do i do?
bugaboo.. hullabaloo..

what do i have?
devastated desire,
a world on fire,
my partner’s ire!

delirious rave,
yesi did misbehave!

sitting on the window,
a hurricane encompassed
my wrists are frozen,
 i just breathe on the glass

put me on yoke,
blow me in smoke
better send me to hallow
without her, i am but shallow

victory is in purse
i have nobody to defeat
silence is my curse,
i have no song to repeat

God, give me light
my partner, my sight
yes, i have low attention span
but i am still her man

my moon has sunk,
this darkness is drunk 
 frail is my flame,
but my love has spunk

pining for you, my love
i go down and above
no more a human,
i am but a mournful dove

every breath i crop
oh, you have been missed
every tear i drop
oh, you have been kissed

if ever, there is god,
if ever, his glory
for all that, and more
my love, i am sorry!

light a candle in my heart,
 and burn every other wish
give me that dream we made,
that flicker in the iris!

You know you have found love, when you cannot find your way back.

- Robert Brault

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Posted on Thursday, 8 September 2016

sameta kayi barisho ko yun to maine,
har subah fir bhi talkh chheenton ke sath aayi..
chaadrein jo odhi kabhi ghaav dhakne ko,
patjhad lapete sard salwaton ki shaakh aayi..

ab jab kismat ko kose hue bhi barso hue,
kayi saawan gaye mere sapno ko tarse hue..
leke aayi wo haathon me deepak-diye,
teekhe naino me chhaanv si palkein siye..

main aaungi aur ye samaa badal dungi,
muskuraungi aur dil thama badal dungi..
jis lakeer par likha tera mukkaddar hai,
mita dungi use har baddua badal dungi..

wo kehti gayi par humne kuch suna nahi,
dhaago me uljhe rahe ikk sapna bhi buna nahi..
sadiyo se maun waqt ki ye sakht aazmaish thi,
ghadi ke kaanto ko bhi ab kisi qatl ki khwahish thi..

jamaal-e-yaar wo aisi majaal kar gaya,
daba ke hont wo mushqil sawaal kar gaya..
muflis se mohabbat ka sabab jo pucha,
wo chhookar mujhe dus aur bawaal kar gaya..

ishaaron me hi likh gaya wo kitabein kayi,
padhne laga to lag gayi raatein kayi..
mere aansu mere ranjo ko bedakhal kar dein,
kar gaya kuch aisi wo khurafaatein kayi..

gila na lau se hai na shaatir lakeer se,
na dushman ki dua, na kaafir fakeer se..
ke kale rang se keh do, kare kuch aur koshish,
hain hum gulfaam ke ghayal gulaabi teer se..

subah ki aab, shaam ka til hai wo,
noor-e-aaftaab, peer ka dil hai wo..
kasam khanjar ki seene me pada hai jo abhi tak,
bada pyara bada masoom sa qaatil hai wo..

sanam ki jo mile qurbat, jagah benaam ho,
faqat wo ho safar lamba, bina anjaam ho..
ke kuch keh de khuda aisi bhi kahani meri,
seene ho mera, aur unki baahein badgumaan ho..

jo aao to bhar jana daraarein meri,
jo jao to le jaana nigaahein meri..
jama do barf sa ban jao tum paani mera,
ke banjar khet hai aur ret si aahein meri..

ke lau jala kar hi wo bulbula bujha hoga,
use kho kar hi maalik ghumshuda bana hoga..
yuhi nahi hua hoga kaamil karishma,
mere yaar ko bana kar hi rab khuda bana hoga..

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.
                       - Plato

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Posted on Thursday, 16 June 2016

aaine me dekha to ye khayal aaya,
khud ki hi nazron me nazar yaar aaya..
samjhaya khud ko ke thoda intezar kar le,
shayad kal wo apni nazron mein pyar bhar le..
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zamane bhar ne dum roka tab wo hawayein aayi,
humare bewafa ho jane ke baad unki wafayein aayi,
kambakht koi to puchhe khuda ke daakiye se,
humein qatl karne ke khatir kiski duwaayein aayi..
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