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Is It An Empty Moment Or A Thirsty Dew,
Is It A Lonely World That I Am Going Through..

The Curve Of My Smile Has Lost Its Hue,
I Wanna Sing But Words Are Few..

I Miss Your Eyes and Their Impervious Shine,
That Said To Me That You Are Always Mine..

I Miss Your Touch Tender And Fine,
That Transferred Me Love, Eternal And Divine..

The Smile Of Your Face Intoxicated With Wine,
Made Me fall In Love Every Single Time..

Embrace My Lonely Soul With Ocean Of Your Love,
Deep In My Heart You Are Always Remembered..

Awaiting For You In The Dark Of The Night,
The Smile Of My Face And The Sight Of My Eyes..

 Enmesh Me With Your Love And Flood Me With Your Warmth,
Come Across The Clouds And Take Me In Your Arms..

Swimming In The Wind,
Shining In The Rainbow,
Beating In My Heart,
Flowing In My Blood,

All Is Your LOVE..
All Is Your LOVE..

                                       English Poetry


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