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mele ki haqiqat bus mela hi jane hai..
bheed me bhi khud ko akela hi mane hai..

dhundta hai bus ek nazar apnepan ki..
janta nahi ke sabhi begane hain..

us baawre ne dekha tha bus ek sapna..
is bheed me bhi hota mera koi apna..

dil toota to jana ke zakhm gehre hain..
kuch andhe hain yahan to kuch behre hain..

ab samjha bechara ke bhed sab nyare hain..
pyar ki bhi boli lagate yahan sare hain..

dara sa sehma sa bhari mann se kuch keh gaya..
aankhon se nikla aur palkon pe dheh gaya..

bebas tha wo bus dekhta hi reh gaya..
ek sapna tha wo bhi ashqon mein beh gaya..

aaj bhi uski bheed me sabhi anjane hain..
mele ki haqiqat bus mela hi jane hai....

            - Pawan Chaudhary (Guest Writer)

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