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a brisk deafening train rushed across my neighbourhood.
i woke up from my not so sound sleep.
my disoriented mind questioned the midnight madness.
it found no answers, for it was alone in the crowd.
somebody was right, for he told me, 'city never sleeps'.
i wondered why i never had nightmares.
perhaps my sleep cycle never get that deep,
because city never sleeps.

i hurled towards the window to get a view.
buildings, some other buildings, yet other buildings.
blind uncertainty unfurled across my once limpid eyes.
starving for better view, my eyes delved into distant miles.

smoke was still burning black, outsmarting the night.
everything was jaded with glare and streetlights.
all i could see was human anguish and decayed life.
fast pace symbolized frightening stillness in disguise.
amidst plethora of light, my own shadow eluded me.
a nameless sadness drenched my soul.
i couldn't breathe, i tried to breathe.
there was something in my chest,
for air brought me no great rest.

i wanted to go away from all glitz and gloss.
to breathe some air, to quench my soul,
to lean back and calmly exhale,
to catch a glimmer of hope,
to walk on untrodden snow,
to hear ravine's rustling flow,
where nothing breaks the monotony of quietness,
where sunlight unfurl unadulterated unmistakable brightness.
where silence prevails, yet i am never alone.

a shrieking siren halted my thoughts from wandering too far away.
i got another reminder, what can i say.
probably i should never go that deep, 
for this city never sleeps.


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  1. the city chaos well captured....great!

  2. Mumbai. Millions of secrets, this city can hold. The city has a spirit, or so I've been told. Love Mumbai. Great poem!

  3. I lived in three of the biggest cities of the world, NCR, Mumbai and NYC. I think when I was in Mumbai, I felt what you narrated in your poem.

    You can connect with it. Lovely, emotional poem.

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