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i wander,
in the kingdom of glory
it's not who i am
that's not simply my story

city of skyscrapers,
maze of alley
i don't belong here,
it's a transformed valley

my clothes are dirty,
shredded and torn
evades my memory,
the reason i was born 

don't touch my body,
it's charry and profane
you can call me poor,
i don't remember my name

don't hurt me sir,
please don't push me through
hunger brought me here,
i didn't appear out of blue

indebtedness squished my labour,
mercenaries own my hoe
i cite mercy,
they quote quid pro quo

pardon my lord,
i didn't mean to intrude
starving squeals of my wife,
set me running for the food

my platter is empty,
just came here to glean
somewhere along the way,
i lost my self-esteem

pestled by fangs of misery,
wanted to die with honour
but poor world is round,
doesn't have that bloody corner

i yelled at god,
even made some foray
night cruised without an answer,
so went the day

on the edge of civilization,
standing on a slippery slope
now i look at you,
holding my meandering hope

don't let me fall,
my children will follow
sans my inclusion,
thy growth remains hollow

you have the power,
please become my fist
don't await my destiny,
it doesn't even exist

give me a chance to thrive,
then leave me on my own
feed me before you profess,
you can't teach a hungry bone

embrace me like a human,
i am no obsolete machine
if you water me today,
the grass will be green

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.        

                                    - Mother Teresa


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  1. a honest appeal for love and compassion...

  2. I don't know what to say but I read it multiple times and still want to keep on reading :)

  3. After reading it I feel that sometimes we are so caught up in our lives that we cannot or should I say do not want to see the plight of others. You must be a wonderful human to feel this kind of empathy.

  4. nice,it touches heart

  5. thank you panki, for coming over and reading it so many times. I would like to see you around :)

  6. hello Athenas.. You are absolutely right. Poverty is a slap on the face of humanity. All of us have to share and shoulder the responsibility to correct the injustice..

  7. thank you cifar shayar.. the plight of the poor in our country can melt a stone to tears. My heart goes out to them. But we have to do more than sending our hearts.. It's a long journey that we have to travel.
    Thank you for reading thru.. do visit again...

  8. jahid says:

    Nice poem Deepak Sir. like the words "don't await my destiny,
    it doesn't even exist"

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.
  10. loved your last quote........:-)

  11. rajarshi says:

    Loved ur poetry - "on the edge of civilization -" I liked it.Thanks for your invitation. Happy writing. Regards


  12. Jyoty S says:

    Wow.....loved it..the inversions make it more endearing!! :)

  13. So deep goes its meaning. there actually is a big part of the society that calls out to us...
    Heart rendering..

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