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walking past the doll,
fun is on the roll
guitar music dance
mistake blunder chance

so much to do
places i have never been to
ambitions worth dying for,
dreams to live up to

now is the time!!

and there it happened to them
crook of my story
turned 25
time’s up says theory

alarm bells and clamor
relatives and neighbor
hey, she is up for marriage
time for golden carriage

oh, one boy is there
he could be a match
is she on fb
together they latch

mail her pictures
or we can come home
oh, she must be shy
Cinderella syndrome

so, they are here!

we seek a bride,
mother’s pride
chirpy they are
gang of allies

fair as snow white
tall, oh no short height
angelic grin,
fat, oh no too thin

they got me ready
amid all hara-kiri,
polished with paint
rolled into a sari

i have no clue,
they continue

long hair,
as if i care
one look into my trembling platter,
actually shoulder length look better

eyes nose perfectly placed
modern, nope simple
oh they can see through,
concealed pimple

finicky charade,
so called hi-class
i put up a show,
they play with etceteras

show is over,
all goody-goody and nice
uncertainty I have,
and hopes to sacrifice

A poem by Sudha Kripal


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  1. light yet touching account of a 25 year old Indian girl juggling with career and society at the same time.. good one

  2. So true... We all have passed though similar situations! Nicely penned Sudha :)
    TC! Keep smiling :)

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