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here it goes
   a story
  a body, a soul
   and a life untold

here it goes
a song,
a pen, a diary
and i write
the words, the jumble
this pain, that fumble
happiness that lies
the melancholy inside
quotes to cite

here it goes
a heart that beats
a mind that reads
emotional or astute?
organic dispute!

here it goes
a choice, a restraint
situations to complicate
bonds to reciprocate
muddled slate

here it goes
a painting
a brush, a sheet
colors to fill
and i draw
a road i never saw

here it goes
a dream to live
a tree for shade
receding sunrays
a sky to fly
a storm to blow
a sage,
 and a rainbow

here it goes
a dance
a music, a rhythm
a moment to dwell
inhibitions to quell

here it goes
a role to play
a legend to say
a stage, an audience

a feeling to express
a thought to process
anecdotes, folklore
rhymes, metaphor
and here it goes
a poem!

A poem by Sudha Kripal

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

          - Joseph Campbell

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  1. I can connect with it. It feels a part of me there. Simply beautiful

  2. Thanx saru :-) m glad that u liked it.

  3. this poem although heavily antiquated holds excellence because it is easily understood. all you need is to take time to think about what frost has so brilliantly stated. it is wonderful

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